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Building Planning

We take pride in our ability to complete your window coverings projects on time and on budget. From matching existing product in tenant finish projects, or designing a custom project, we do it all. Does your project include unusual sizes and shapes? Devising creative solutions for our customer's unique needs is our specialty.

Our Process

1. Request

After we have received a request for pricing, the process begins. Our estimating coordinator will upload the job into our que and assign it to one of the estimators.

2. Analyze Scope & Materials

The estimator will review the construction documents and identify the specified scope of the project.  This includes:

Reviewing the specific products the architect or designer has requested and confirm their intended product will work for their project. Once we have evaluated the entire scope, we will generate a materials list. CCI will also explore alternative manufactures to see if there is an opportunity for cost savings.

To complete your bid, we must consider and anticipate a variety of factors that impact the final price:

  • construction duration and schedule

  • possible material shortages

  • integration with other systems, or impacts to other trades

  • type of project (education, hospitality, governmental, multi-family, etc.).

3. Bid Package

Once strategy and materials have been decided, the job is priced. We create a formal proposal, which includes details outlining material quantities, total area treated, floor plans and product data. Upon review of the bid package, the PM completes a final review the final bid and presents it to the client.

4. Review

The agreed upon proposal acts as formal instructions and requirements for the participating trades to reference.

The submittal package includes:

  • project scope and materials

  • relevant product data, such as colors, products, locations, product installation.

5. Project Begins

From there we schedule coordination meetings, we verify field conditions, collect measurements and order the product.  Once product begins to arrive, we schedule installation and allocate resources.

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